Strategic Partners

The Lake Forest Group leverages a worldwide network of professional services firms to deliver top quality solutions to a diverse set of challenges for a variety of clients. These strategic partners allow us to broaden our array of resources and skill sets to offer you a truly holistic protective security and risk management strategy.

The Valor Agency team is comprised of well traveled business people with a diverse background in emergency medical services, personal security, risk management, crisis management and global travel.  Our mission is to help keep people safe in an uncertain and dangerous world by providing global emergency medical and security services. We deliver on our mission by providing global emergency medical and security services through our Valor Diamond Card membership program.


Every growing organization needs the best people to ensure success. But attracting, evaluating and retaining those ideal employees can be an overwhelming task—unless you have cutting-edge technology and experienced partners working with you. At Global HR Research, we deliver the most advanced, intuitive and diagnostic technology in the industry to help companies around the world find, select, assess, screen and hire quality candidates—in less time with less risk than ever before.


Medicine Man Technologies is a cannabis consultancy and brand warehouse that licenses turn-key cultivation and dispensary operating solutions developed by our award-winning partners. We offer guidance for new and existing operators, including application support, real estate planning, facility design, pro forma development, training services, and access to proven standard operating procedures.


Regroup Mass Notification is an industry leader in critical and day-to-day notifications. Our cloud-based, multimodal platform delivers quickly to mobile devices, SMS, land lines, digital signage, RSS, public address systems and social media. With Regroup, organizations have a powerful tool for safety and security as well as business continuity in the event of a crisis.


When companies take steps to ensure that their employees are safe and healthy, whether by creating and maintaining threat assessment plans, running fire drills, or providing insurance or wellness programs, they ensure their employees feel secure both in and out of the workplace. Personal safety training is just another valuable way of providing for an employee’s well-being. At Team Fireball Inc, we train members of businesses, groups, and associations in personal safety awareness and self-defense so that they feel strong, empowered and confident.


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