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G. Michael Verden, Owner and CEO of The Lake Forest Group, employs methodologies learned in a 21-year career as an agent for the U.S. Secret Service protecting the President, First Lady, and other heads of state and large-scale events such as the Olympics and the Super Bowl to identify vulnerabilities and implement proper risk management techniques to offer the appropriate level of protection-without adversely affecting your culture.

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To get started on a customized security strategy that protects your organization, property, and people, contact The Lake Forest Group. Best-in-class solutions to keep you safe, secure, and compliant.


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Security Education and Awareness Training

Competencies: Active Shooter; Workplace Violence; Emergency Preparedness; Security Assessment; Policies and Procedures

Industry Best Practices Active Shooter Plan

Competencies: Emergency Preparedness; Emergency Management; Training; Workplace Violence, Policies and Procedures

Protecting Our Schools and Our Students

Competencies: Security Assessment; Security Plan; Active Shooter; Training; Emergency Preparedness; Policies and Procedures

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High Net Worth Security

High Net Worth Individuals Demand Dynamic Risk Management

To provide best-in-class high net worth security, we need to understand the challenges that high net worth individuals face—especially as they relate to their residences, modes of travel and itineraries, and business obligations and those of their family offices.

Because their number one concern is the safety of their families, a dynamic risk management can help to ensure a safe environment whether they’re at home, work, or traveling by plane, train, automobile, boat, or helicopter.

Download our free white paper, “A Holistic Security Strategy and Vision for High Net Worth Individuals and Family Offices”

For Medical Marijuana Dispensaries and Growers‎

Our Medical Marijuana Security Plan Can Give You a Competitive Advantage.

If you’re applying for a medical marijuana grower or dispensary license, The Lake Forest Group can assist in the state application process by writing a holistic security plan that based on our extensive industry knowledge, can give you a competitive advantage. Download our free report, “Why Most Medical Marijuana State License Applications Fail.”


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