Supply Chain Security

Supply chain security is more important today due to supply chain vulnerability and exposure to diversion, tampering, counterfeiting, and exploitation.

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Often, critical components within supply chain security that support the integrity, safety, and security of transported goods are overlooked and not considered in supply chain security. At any point in time in practically every corner of the world, consumer goods are making their way to their final destination—or to one of the many stops along their supply chain journey. The global nature of the way we do business in today’s economy exposes common risks as well as introduces new considerations to achieving successful supply chain security.

We advocate a robust supply chain security program that includes a cohesive alignment of security elements across the corporate enterprise. Thorough risk assessments that detail both physical and operational security plans provide a comprehensive supply chain security program with strategic risk mitigation strategies, policies, and protocols that are efficient, reasonable, accountable, and compliant with law and industry standards. 

Supply chain security requires a conscious effort to develop and run operations in the most effective and efficient way possible. Supply chain security activities range from product development, sourcing, production, and logistics to the information systems needed to coordinate these activities more effectively and concurrently. For the purpose of this service, supply chain security is focused on the cross-functional approach to manage the movement of materials out of the organization to the end consumer. For example, transportation supply chain security can be increased through a process review of the carriers that are utilized and how each customer receives delivery of product to emphasize cargo theft awareness and mitigation strategies for both vendors and stakeholders.

At the completion of a supply chain security project, you will be able to clearly identify succinct and measurable processes to safeguard your product, people, and property—as well as incorporate supply chain security strategies with specific guidelines that address all hazards, such as theft, diversion, tampering, power outages, or intruders. Successful supply chain security requires a change from managing individual functions to integrating activities into key processes. Our expertise involves a transfer of knowledge on how to exploit existing assets through improved coordination. The role of The Lake Forest Group is to help management by adding value to the whole process through the various sectors of the supply chain security.

Supply Chain

Each supply chain security point calls for special consideration. For optimum manufacturing facility and warehousing security, we recommend a review and systems monitoring of the physical security assets (CCTV, fire/intrusion alarms/access control) as well as a review of the guard force or off duty law enforcement security support to ensure effective coordination with law enforcement liaison and protective intelligence.

Our supply chain security analysis will provide management support in the areas of employee and vendor screening and training; regulatory, compliance, and due diligence awareness; and opportunities for specialized corporate and management initiatives.

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