Case Study — Protecting High Net Worth Individuals


In our world today, high net worth individuals (HNWI) are not only faced with the challenge of safeguarding their wealth, but also protecting their families as well as their organizations. Many of these individuals created, developed, and grew companies from start ups to multinational corporations with global footprints. People in this economic sphere are saddled with unsolicited attention that transforms them into high profile public figures. With great success comes the greater responsibility to protect human capital, whether in the workplace, or at home.

The Challenge

The CEO of a publicly traded Fortune 100 company contacted us about an upcoming shareholders meeting. The executive expressed concern about the event due to a number of recent developments. The value of the company stock had dropped in the past year to an all-time low. Disgruntled investors had posted inflammatory comments about the company and its leadership on social media calling for removal of the entire C-Suite. Also, hand written letters from an anonymous person had been sent to the CEO’s home threatening to “make someone pay” for jeopardizing the future of the company and its employees. Immediate, dynamic, and decisive preventative security measures were needed to protect the executive at her home, in the workplace, and at the shareholders function.

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The Solution

A truly holistic approach requires a specifically tailored security plan designed by subject matter experts with diverse skill sets. Our multi-disciplinary team conducted on-site security surveys at the CEO’s residence, corporate headquarters, and the site of the shareholder meeting. After identifying the specific security needs of these venues, the recommended path to risk mitigation was based on our collective expertise in security, law enforcement, technology, human resources, and legal with the paramount goal of protecting people and property. Our methodology is based on a comprehensive and objective evaluation of security-related capabilities focusing on four major areas: technical, physical, procedural, and personnel. The strategy is a disciplined, thorough, and comprehensive approach to filtering all personnel, assets, services, and equipment seeking access. Ultimately, we designed appropriate risk control measures and interrelated protective tactics to enhance safety and security.

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The Results

The shareholder meeting took place on schedule with no serious issues. The stock value eventually rebounded along with public confidence in the company. We strengthened the security posture of the residence which gave the executive peace of mind knowing her family was safe when she was at work or away when travelling. Finally, we established a long-term professional relationship as a trusted security advisor that can be counted on whenever the need arises.

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