Event Security

Proper event security management focuses on a preventative protective methodology that balances ends, ways, and means, using experienced personnel to identify and assess risk against targeted threats and opportunistic vulnerabilities.

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To reach optimum event security, we recommend a thorough process where properly trained and prepared personnel analyze appropriate risk control measures and apply interrelated countermeasures and protective tactics.

The five perimeters of protection for event security are:

  1. An outer  perimeter typically secured by public sector personnel at the federal, state, and local level, filtering people, equipment, and vehicles requiring site access
  2. A middle perimeter is event security assets comprised of both private security guards and law enforcement officers screening and controlling entry
  3. An inner perimeter is the restricted event security areas inside the event site, such as the back-of-the-house, stage, playing field, etc.
  4. The fourth perimeter is the intelligence collection and information sharing between the private and public sectors relevant to event security
  5. The fifth perimeter, the life blood of event security, is cyber security dedicated to critical infrastructure processes and operations, including electricity, backup systems, elevators, doors, power grid, water, and the communications network

Based on more than 30 years of experience in major event security on a global stage, our event security template is the final step in the process to identify and recommend appropriate countermeasure that will lower the various levels of risk.

To the extent possible, we provide estimated capital cost for implementing our recommended event security countermeasures. The countermeasures and design alternatives are specifically tailored to address the event security operational plan, executive protection measures, emergency preparedness policies, interoperable communications, and risk mitigation strategies. We believe the ability to meet event security, risk management, and emergency preparedness objectives will—at many critical junctures—rise or fall on whether the security consulting team can execute-to-plan in a highly complex operating environment.

Our approach to fulfilling your event security needs is based upon the most efficient and cost-effective approaches to event security planning, emergency preparedness,  continuity of operations planning, and high-performing, competitively-differentiated security services for leading public and private organizations in the United States and around the world.  But what will really matter in meeting your event security needs is how well our plan adapts industry best practices in event security to your particular situation — ensuring that these event security services will perform before, during, and after a crisis to avoid a material impact on your event operations. That is the benchmark we strive to achieve every time we are faced with this challenge and never settle for anything other than the highest level of execution and performance.

Event Security
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