Workplace Violence Mitigation

Employees typically do not just snap; instead they display indicators of potential workplace violence over time. If identified early, they can be evaluated and managed.

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Workplace violence mitigation starts with identifying potential violent signs displayed by an employee including an increased use of alcohol or illegal substances, unexplained increase in absenteeism, noticeable decrease in attention to appearance and hygiene, and resistance and overreaction to changes in policy and procedures.

Most acts of workplace violence occur as a result of some form of verbal or non-verbal threat, bullying, harassment, or non-fatal physical assault. However, it is important to remember workplace violence mitigation addresses acts of physical workplace violence that might also start as some form of non-physical assault, such as a threatening email or inappropriate social media posting, so all threats must be taken seriously and responded to appropriately. While most threats will not lead to violent acts in the great majority of cases, the threat itself damages workplace safety and must be addressed through workplace violence mitigation.

We work with you to ensure that you have processes in place for developing an effective workplace violence mitigation program by guiding a planning group through the basic steps of developing plans, policies, and prevention strategies. Hand-picked staff are trained to become more familiar with the larger issues involved in the process of evaluating a threat and determining a proper level of workplace violence mitigation.

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We also focus on providing workplace violence mitigation guidelines regarding the technical language, legal constraints, and special issues each person’s professional background brings to an interdisciplinary group responsible for this function.

As the first step in the workplace violence mitigation planning process, we conduct a risk assessment that analyzes your current ability to handle potentially violent situations. Our extensive background in site security assessments allows us to readily identify the physical security attributes necessary to increase the degree of deterrence against an act of workplace violence as well as the degree of workplace violence mitigation should an act of violence occur.

Additionally, we will assess the situation to evaluate the current level of security personnel at the venue, if an internal police or security force is available, and which local law enforcement may be involved in an emergency situation. Our workplace violence mitigation planning also addresses response time as a critical factor in addressing incidents of workplace violence.

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