Security Awareness Training

The Lake Forest Group offers security awareness training programs that teach security disciplines such as active shooter response, or refresh an already taught skill, like executive protection operations or workplace violence indicators.

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Security Awareness Training

We work with you to develop a security awareness training curriculum that addresses pertinent subjects, current topics, emerging technologies, and relevant areas to maximize the impact of this experience for your employees and produce a state-of-the-art, world-class program that achieves your training needs.

Here are some of the training classes we can provide for your organization:

  • Active Threat Scenarios
  • Campus Security Awareness
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Security Officer Operations
  • Threat Assessment
  • Workplace Violence

Ongoing security awareness training is the most efficient way to prepare for an emergency situation. You want the response to become second nature, so that under duress, your employees can calmly and appropriately react. A mock training drill with local law enforcement is an excellent example of a best practice-based training exercise.

Training teaches how to react quickly when shots are heard or when a shooting is witnessed. The decision to evacuate, hide, or  fight is taught in a controlled environment. Our goal is to adopt a survival mindset during times of crisis thorough our security awareness training.

Our team has extensive experience designing security awareness training for the public and private sector with courses ranging from small group briefings to large seminars designed specifically for maximum learning.

Including such security awareness training formats as field exercise, class room, tabletop exercise, web-based, or workshop, the training exercises can focus on performing tasks or solving problems in order to develop skills.

Taught by security awareness training instructors who are subject matter experts selected on their respective acumen, the purpose of these exercises is to reinforce the subject matter being presented to the audience and contribute to the development of the expertise of the group.

G. Michael Verden was a national security awareness training instructor for the University of Southern Mississippi National Center for Spectator Sports Safety and Security (NCS4). He lead Sport Event Risk Management Workshops, two-day training sessions at collegiate and NFL stadiums. 

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