Case Study — Marijuana Security Plan

What Do You Need For a Marijuana Security Plan?


The medical marijuana business is an emerging multi-billion dollar industry — Colorado experienced more than $700 million in sales alone last year. Starting a business begins with an application package to the state where the facility — dispensary or grow facility — will be located. The process to get licensed is competitive, most state regulatory agencies put a significant emphasis on the proposed security plan, and most applicants fail because their security is inadequate. If the security plan is not holistic, the odds of getting a license are low.

The Challenge

A group of investors contacted The Lake Forest Group because they were interested in licenses for both a grower facility and a dispensary. Because marijuana was once an illegal drug, incidents of armed robbery, carjacking, and internal theft have plagued this industry. Consequently, the security for their operation must be at a best-practice level to even be considered for a state-issued license. Not only were these investors looking for a rock solid security plan, but they also wanted to outsource their Chief Security Officer (CSO) position.


The Solution

We created a security program for the oversight of the dispensing and growing operations to ensure accurate recordkeeping, patient confidentiality, and a dynamic security posture. Our comprehensive security plan addressed technology (digital video cameras, automated access control, biometric readers, cyber security, GPS tracking, RFID tags, and intrusion detection systems); processes (security policies, emergency management, visitor management, prohibited items, and training); personnel (on-site security and transportation security); and liaison with critical third parties (state officials) and first responders (police and fire).

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The Results

Our client was issued both cultivation and grower licenses. The Lake Forest Group was hired as the outsourced CSO serving as an adviser and business advocate accountable for liaison, networking, and representative activities associated with services with the federal, state, and local law enforcement and regulatory agencies. We’ve also assisted with business development and strategy; built, sustained, and enhanced recognition with the community; and ensured successful compliance for state-sponsored facility audits.

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