Medical and Recreational Marijuana Security

By leveraging our experience in the emerging market of legalized marijuana, The Lake Forest Group can provide specialized assistance to create and implement security from seed to sale of marijuana. Sign up for a free consultation and learn how we can give you a competitive advantage.
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Do You Have a Marijuana Security Plan?

We’ll assist in the state application procedures for acquiring a medical marijuana business license by writing a holistic security plan, which is a required component of this process. Get started with a free consultation [icon name=comments]  

From clients who are just beginning the process to those who are challenged by a specific security need, The Lake Forest Group can help you grow your medical marijuana business through improved security measures. Whether you are applying for a cultivation or dispensary license, we have the institutional knowledge of this industry to provide a competitive advantage to our clients. The security plan is written in accordance with all state regulatory guidelines to ensure full compliance. This methodology is based on our familiarity and proficiency with best practiced-based security operations tailored uniquely to the medical marijuana and recreational cannabis industry.

The medical marijuana security plan addresses the following areas:

  • Technology (e.g., IP cameras, automated access control, and intrusion detection systems)
  • Physical security (e.g., fences, gates, doors, vaults, safes, and construction material)
  • Process enhancements (e.g., security policies, incident response procedures, and emergency preparedness planning)
  • Personnel (e.g., background screening and training)
  • Liaison with critical third parties (e.g., state officials) and first responders (e.g., police and fire)

As the author of the medical marijuana security plan, we ensure all security requirements are achieved through prevention-oriented planning, continuous coordination with state and local government, implementation of industry best practices, and the latest technology to deter, secure, monitor, and mitigate risk in all aspects of the operations. Since we have created marijuana security plans for dispensary and cultivation state applications that were successfully issued licenses, we understand the hot buttons.
In some of these decisions, two businesses received the same overall score but the applicant that received the highest grade in the security category was awarded the license, clearly recognizing the importance of a comprehensive marijuana security plan. The marijuana security plan must demonstrate how you’ll prevent the theft or diversion of the product while adhering to state and local law enforcement requirements. Ultimately, this document should provide evidence of compliance with all state requirements.

In addition to the licensing process, we also serve our medical marijuana clients as an outsourced Chief Security Officer. The scope of these services addresses a wide range of areas including, but not limited to: creation of security directives and guidelines; physical security measures, including access control measures and practices and the ability to screen and filter all personnel, services, deliveries, and equipment seeking access; implementation, use, and effectiveness of security systems and technologies, such as closed-circuit surveillance equipment, exterior and perimeter security systems and monitoring, electronic access control systems, automated alerts, and information-sharing capabilities.

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Other marijuana services include:

Training curriculums, security awareness and education materials, emergency preparedness, fire prevention, and workplace violence mitigation programs; adviser and business advocacy accountable for liaison, networking, and representative activities, including current and potential customers and business partners; and consideration for security personnel including qualifications, capabilities, staffing, positioning, resources, scheduling, and coordination with federal, state, local law enforcement and regulatory agencies.

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