Workplace Violence Services

The Lake Forest Group workplace violence services begins each project with a needs assessment that outlines the disparities and opportunities in an effective workplace violence services prevention and intervention program, tailored to fit the distinctive needs of the client.

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Workplace Violence Services Needs Assessment/Risk Assessment

Includes a detailed on-site review of existing policies, programs and procedures, conducted by some of the top experts in the fields of workplace violence services prevention and intimate partner violence and stalking. Meetings with key stakeholders, a review of the physical plant, and observations of the “corporate culture” are all part of the needs assessment step.

Workplace Violence Services Policy Development & Implementation

The development of a new or updated ASIS/SHRM compliant workplace violence services policy that contains a detailed incident management process, emergency and threat response protocols, the role of external experts and law enforcement, specific strategies for high-risk workplaces, post-incident management protocols, appropriate record-keeping, and the integration of intimate partner violence prevention strategies.

Workplace Violence Services Threat Management Team Development

The establishment of an interdisciplinary workplace violence services threat management team that will review and respond to violent incidents or reports of troubling behavior, evaluate potential risks, and establish appropriate incident notification protocols.

Workplace Violence Services Threat Management Team Training

The Lake Forest Group provides customized workplace violence services training for the threat management team which includes identification criterion, reporting structures, and warning signs/indicators of potential violent behavior.

Management Team Workplace Violence Services Training

Specialized workplace violence services training for supervisors and managers that are not part of the threat management team. Included in this training would be the identification of potential threats, handling complaints or concerns, and initial emergency response.

Employee Workplace Violence Services Training

Development of multi-media employee workplace violence services training programs, which can include new employee orientation components. Training can be conducted on-site or through the use of train-the-trainer methods. Employee training can be coupled with Sexual and other types of Harassment Awareness Training.

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Workplace Violence Services – Individual Case Management

Assist management on individual cases involving orders of protection, potential stalking situations, or other types of domestic or workplace violence threats; may also involve initial employee counseling.

Workplace Violence Services Investigations

Respond during and/or after an actual workplace violence event, working alongside law enforcement agencies in conducting investigations, or conducting them independently, as required.

Additional Customized Workplace Violence Services 

In addition to threat management, assessment needs, training and investigations, The Lake Forest Group provides customized workplace violence services incident management and threat response, executive protection, establishing emergency protocols, employee communication programs, record keeping set-up, and ad-hoc training.

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